RCC Ministry Leaders

Meet Eddie Foos – Lead Pastor – and Family

I am a Christian, a husband, a dad, and a pastor—in that order. One of the most overwhelming realizations I have ever had is simply this: God has been writing the story of my life...the whole time. I am a native of Northeast Washington, and my wife Jamie is from Wisconsin. We both grew up in Christ-centered households and accepted Jesus into our lives as kids. When our paths first crossed in Missouri, our eventual relationship seemed unlikely. We met in college when Jamie mistook me for someone she knew—a bad conversation. She kept asking if I had been on a mission trip to Africa; which incidentally (providentially) I had, although I was not the person she was thinking of. After a series of miscommunications, both of us knew each other had a passion and calling that was remarkably parallel. Only after college, five states separated, did we began to date (over e-mail). We were married in a beautiful outdoor wedding in the Rose Garden at Manito Park in 2005.

After a few ministry roles, church staff positions in three different states, and a lead pastor role in southern Oregon, God began to nudge my wife and me toward a ministry in Spokane, WA. I wasn’t sending out résumés on any kind of basis, but as I met with the small group of people who were leading the pastoral transition here at Ridgeview, I knew in an instant that I wanted to be a part of this local body of believers. And so, God brought my family and I back to northeast Washington in 2012, when I was elected Lead Pastor of RCC. This appointment seemed to have God’s fingerprints all over it.

I admit that I sometimes feels the desire to move faster, higher, and farther than we’ve so far attained as a redemptive movement in Spokane, and I have big dreams and ambitions about what I want RCC to become. I have a great amount of love for the group of long-time members here at RCC. My unanimous election as pastor and their willingness to consider new direction is a positive sign of their flexibility. And God is acting. Many sense clear indications that God is pushing RCC forward.

I am not just a minister who is a "professional pastor." I can tell you that our lives are being changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ along with you. We are persevering through the hardships, hoping for marriages, raising our kids, celebrating the victories and praying that God is treasured above all and that we are found faithful.

Jamie and I, with our two boys, Ethan and Austin, and daughter Emma, do as much together as possible. We think it is important for children of ministers to have opportunities to serve alongside their parents in ministry. Most projects have roles of all levels of skill. Our children are often given some task to contribute. It’s how we teach and model how to serve Jesus and His church. Their lives are centered around faith and the church God has called us to lead.

We are committed to continuing to build a church comprised of people so proud of the environment they have helped create that they invite unchurched guests to hear the truth, hope, and love of Jesus Christ. Through my distinctive preaching style of real-life illustrations and vision-casting, I strive to reach people with a simple message of grace and truth, yet with substance. I encourage people to live out RCC’s mission (leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ) and of cultivating the strategy of encounter, connect, and serve.

I enjoy playing guitar, reading, writing, and drinking coffee. Jamie loves her husband and children, second only to her love for Jesus. She also enjoys shopping for her children and drinking coffee.