RCC Church History

In the late 1940’s God moved Benjamin O. Taylor to come to Spokane’s north side and start a church. He drove around the area asking God where He wanted the church. God spoke to him just north of Rowan Street, and he sat in his car arguing with the Lord because there were no houses there, just woods. When he was certain that this was where the Lord wanted the church, he asked Brother R. J. Carlson, the pastor of First Assembly, if it was ok to contact members from his church that lived in the area for help with the new church. After getting permission, he began going door to door in the area inviting people.

Some of the first people he contacted were the Appel and the Hahn families. In about June 1950 Inez Hahn and Sharon Sleeth joined Brother and Sister Taylor. Norma Hahn came shortly afterward. At that point the congregation then consisted of Brother and Sister Taylor and their children, Sharon and John Sleeth, and Inez and Norma Hahn. The church began meeting at the N. W. Christian School. Sister Marion Good and her family soon joined the group and she became the first Sunday School Superintendent. Not long after that property was obtained on the northeast comer of Ash and Rowan streets and a building was started. In 1953 services were moved to the Field school and the church was named Northside Assembly of God. Elwyn and Katherine Tuttle and family joined about that time. There were probably fewer than 10 people coming on Sunday nights. The evening service started at 5 pm as they were not allowed to use the electricity, and often it was dark in the room when the service ended. As soon as the new building was completed enough to use, the congregation held a parade to celebrate, and the church was renamed Shadle Park Assembly of God.

Before the new building could be completely finished a local developer named Gus Cossa decided he would like the block the church occupied for a shopping center. A trade was made for the land across the street at Ash and Nebraska. The developer helped begin construction on the church sanctuary at its present location. The little congregation moved to Ridgeview School while the new sanctuary was being built. The name was then changed to Ridgeview Chapel Assembly of God, and the sanctuary was dedicated in 1956.

During the time Brother Taylor was pastor the youth group started an Outpost Sunday School at Indian Prairie on Sunday afternoons. Most of the people won to the Lord during that time began coming to church. The youth also began helping out at street meetings in downtown Spokane on Main and Stevens each week, and they visited Nursing homes and shut-ins as well.

Brother and Sister Eldred Nelson became our pastors in 1956. Sister Nelson started a youth choir and the first Sunday School wing and fellowship room (originally called fireside room as there was a large fireplace) was completed. Sister Nelson also started activities for college age singles which attracted a few students from Whitworth College. The congregation was incorporated with the Assemblies of God in 1962.

Brother and Sister A. L. Batterson came as pastors in 1969. His Brother-in-law Duane French came to help and a day care was started which ran for more than 26 years. The second addition with church offices was built during this time. The name of the church was changed to Ridgeview Christian Center.

Brother and Sister French became Senior Pastors in 1979. The church had a music ministry to the neighborhood through a singing Christmas wreath. Pastor French invited youth from the Spokane Junior Symphony to play in the programs. Some of the youth stayed and joined the church youth group.

Brother and Sister J. Edward Nordby became pastors in 1983, followed by Pastor and Mrs. C. David Elms in 1987. It was during Brother Elms’ ministry the church sanctuary was remodeled.

Brother and Sister Darwin McIntosh became pastors in 1990. The church was involved in many ministries, including Sunday School, Missionettes, Royal Rangers, Men’s and Women’s groups, Bible studies, an Honored Citizens group, and a vibrant Youth group. During this time the church began both a ministry to the deaf and a program that bought shoes for students that needed them at Ridgeview Elementary school, right across the street. The church also ran a small food bank and continued to support both foreign and home missionaries as well as local ministries such as the Union Gospel Mission and Anna Ogden Hall.

Ridgeview Christian Center Senior Pastors

Benjamin Orlo Taylor

1950 to 1956

Dr. and Mrs. Eldred Nelson

1956 to 1969

Reverend and Mrs. Albert Batterson

1969 to 1979

Reverend and Mrs. Duane French

1979 to 1983

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nordby

1983 to 1987

Reverend and Mrs. C. David Elms

1987 to 1990

Reverend and Mrs. Darwin McIntosh

1990 to 2000

Reverend and Mrs. Russ Tappero

2001 to 2006

Reverend and Mrs. Darren Bruce

2006 to 2011

Pastor Eddie Foos

2012 to 2019